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  • Protección temporal de la banda de rodadura durante la construcción
  • Protección temporal de la banda de rodadura durante la construcción
  • Protección temporal de la banda de rodadura durante la construcción

Protección temporal de la banda de rodadura durante la construcción

    Tipo de Pago: L/C,T/T,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CIF,EXW
    Cantidad de pedido mínima: 1600 Others
    Plazo de entrega: 30 días

Información básica

Modelo: SFS-FP-B033

Color: White

Weight: 160 Gsm (+/-8%)

Widht: 100cm

Length: 25m

Material: Nonwoven Covering Fleece Together With PE Foil

Porfermance: Non Slip Self Adhesive

Package: Roll With Paper Tube In The Core, PE Bag

Application: Temporary Stair Tread Protection

Información adicional

Paquete: Paquete de rollo, tubo de papel en el núcleo, inserto A4 dentro del rollo, bolsa de PE para cada rollo, luego cargue el contenedor en forma suelta

productividad: 1500rolls / 2 week

Marca: Surfaceprotective

transporte: Ocean

Lugar de origen: China

Capacidad de suministro: 1500rolls / 2 week

Certificados : CCC, ROHS, ISO9001

HS-Code: 56039490

Hafen: Shanghai


                                      Temporary Stair Tread Protection During Construction   


Temporary Stair Tread Protection During Construction

is a multifunctional and mechanically resilient nonwoven fleece slightly adherent mat with a breathable protective film for the tougher demands. We adopt tighter dense and thicker nonwoven construction together with liquid-proof foil on top layer. It provides ideal protection to stairs, even under unfavorable conditions.Good adhesion - suitable for stairs; no slipping. The underside of the protective roll adheres to the floor, preventing the mat from slipping.

Product Specification:  

Temporary Stair Tread Protection During Construction

Roll Size: 1m x 25m /roll or 1m x 50m

Custom cuts and perforated rolls available


Top with blue surface as liquid barrier.

Middle with virginal fiber nonwoven fleece as rebound cushion.

Bottom with special self adhesive coating as anti slip safe protection.


Suitable for Protects newly laid floors to enable better evaporation of water (moisture) and Solvents.

Features of Temporary Stair Tread Protection During Construction:

1. Scratch and pressure-resistant

2. Suitable for mopping and vacuum cleaning

3. Does not slip on surface , No fixation with tape

4. Self adhesive coating, No residue on the floor surface

5. Environmentally friendly, Free of harmful substances

6. Impermeable, protects against liquids of any kind (paint, solvents)


1. Save Clean Up Time

2. Create a Safer Workplace

3. Protect Stair Surfaces

4. Tear-proof and durable ,Used several times Cost savings.


1. Roll out it with the blue surface side on top and the white, slightly adherent side on the bottom .

    When laying various rolls next to  each other, have the rolls overlap by about 2 inches on each side

2. If there is heavy traffic, the best way to tape down the overlapping part of the rolls.

Installing instructions:

1. Turn off any heat before laying down Temporary Stair Tread Protection During Construction.

2. Protect against direct exposure to sunlight

3. Floor must be dry, even though it is breathable

4. Waiting time for laying down roll

5. Never lay down roll, until the final coat has been applied for 72 hours

6. Ideal room temperature: 0 - 40 C° (32- 104 deg. F)

7. Permissible room humidity: 40-80 %

8. Slightly adherent on the bottom. To avoid accidents, the joints of the mat can be taped down.


Stair Protection During Construction

Stair Tread Protection

Temporary Stair Protection

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